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Domestic Violence Compliance Training for Emergency and Medical Responders (EMP)

We are 100% focused on supporting emergency responders on the frontlines of potentially lethal domestic violence interactions by delivering top compliance training and precision strategies and tools that save lives and improve performance.

We are scientists, frontline professionals, and expert trainers supporting police, fire, and medical responses to deter and end domestic violence. We support

professionals like you...


Specialized patient care is required for domestic violence victims. We prepare all for physicians and nurses to intervene in potentially lethal domestic violence incidents through a training designed to meet practitioners' legal training requirements, as well as set them up for success with these critical patients. *Online Training


The firefighter/EMT/Paramedic exclusive domestic violence training helps responders who are often "first on the scene" to know what to do quickly to provide the optimal care for victims in crisis.

*In-person training

Law Enforcement

Enhanced patrol officer and domestic violence officer training provided is based on real police academy training, real potentially lethal domestic violence cases, and fills the gaps in knowledge, skills, and competence officers face when intervening in these very dangerous calls. *In-person training

How we help professionals like you.

We have been delivering innovative solutions to prevent and end intimate partner violence since 2012.


​Our vision is to educate and empower medical professionals and first responders through comprehensive and targeted training programs, in order to reduce the incidence of domestic violence and promote safe homes.


To conduct research and create knowledge building tools, in partnership with emergency and medical responders (EMP), and academic and medical institutions; to offer effective strategies that will empower victims as well as the responders.


Professionals who work on the frontline of domestic violence, universities, medical centers, government agencies, and corporations who offer ally training.

Academic Excellence


Closing the gap between academia and the real-world, our innovative lectures and research projects build knowledge, inspire critical thinking and encourage effective problem solving skills in students who will work directly with victims of domestic violence after graduation.

We are preparing the next generation of frontline leaders to think critically about abuse and how they can be part of the solution.

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Director, Lead Scientist and Award-Winning Researcher

Ending Violence Against Women and Children in New York and Beyond

Christina Blackburn, MSc

NY Domestic Violence Supreme and Criminal Court Judge

Ret Deborah Modica, Esq

Clinical Psychologist

Children and Family Violence

Valentina Nikulina, PhD

NYPD Special Victims Unit Domestic Violence

Enid Ocasio, MPA

Emergency Department Assistant Director and ED Physician

Alan Cherney, MD

Emergency Department Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Kathleen Kenny-Riley, EDd, NP, RN

President, Board of Directors

Sara Greenfield

Board of Directors

Koo Yu, Esq

Board of Directors

Ramona Phillips

Board of Directors

Nathaniel Costas, Esq

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